Case Study: Natural Fertility – Recurrent Miscarriage

A pair of hands holding a pair of baby feet

A 33 year old patient presented with a history of two miscarriages in the past year before seeking acupuncture for fertility. She came for her first visit in May. Over the next 3 months, she received acupuncture twice a week for a total of 20 treatments before getting a positive pregnancy test. During this time, she took her prescribed herbal medicine 2-3 times per day to enhance her fertility. Her husband was prescribed herbs to improve the quality of his semen and received one consultation and treatment during the cycle she conceived.

The body should have at least three cycles to normalize a woman’s period and “prepare the soil” for a healthy seed/embryo. The patient’s husband was supportive and participated in healthy lifestyle habits. Throughout her first trimester of pregnancy, the patient continued acupuncture on a weekly basis, which was recommended to prevent miscarriage. Less than a year after her first treatment she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, born at 39 weeks and 3 days, weighing 9lbs 12 oz!

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