Do You Want Peaceful Periods?

How many times have you felt impatient and angry, or sensitive to the smallest things only to realize after the fact that you could blame it all on your period?
Kim Nguyen, Licensed Acupuncturist
Hi, I’m Kim Nguyen of Effective Wisdom. I was voted Best Acupuncturist by Northern Virginia Magazine and I’m already top-ranked in my new home of Richmond, VA.

I’ve been helping busy women battling fatigue, bloating and mood swings improve their digestion and energy for over ten years, so they can live seamlessly without hormonal and menstrual irregularities.

I can teach you how to unlock the secrets that are hidden in our hormones so you can embrace your feminine power. It’s what makes each and every one of us unique and it’s about time we, as women, understand exactly what a normal cycle looks like.

This is why I’ve created the Peaceful Period Program

Through a range of tools and skills I’ve used often in clinic, combined with an at-home program I create for you, we will work together to help you have easier periods so you can have more vitality and finally experience less cravings and discomfort. Such a lifestyle supports harmonious relationships while trusting your own body to keep calm and balanced.

“I started seeing a lot of different changes, things that I thought little about, and thought I had to take prescription medicine for. In three weeks I stopped sweating heavily after 20 years. I also stopped having pain in my bladder, and frequent urges to go to the bathroom. Two major problems that I thought I had to live with forever are gone…without side effects! I also started feeling a lot better emotionally, I stopped being angry or sad all the time. My symptoms are just a brief, tangible glance at how much Kim & her perceptive attitude have helped me so much. I have become physically a much better person, my appetite and cravings for sweets are under control, but I am most grateful for the peace of mind, the wholeness, I hadn’t felt in years. I feel good mentally and physically again. I definitely would recommend Kim to everyone. All of my friends, neighbors, and co-workers know how grateful I am to her and her work.”

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This Three-Month Transformation gives you the tools you need for sustainable results through the three pillars of our Peaceful Period Protocol

Individualized Treatment Plan

  • An individualized treatment plan outlining the goals we will achieve together
  • Biweekly telehealth consultations to monitor your progress and modify your protocol if necessary
  • Specific nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to support hormonal health and balance
  • Stress reduction tips and techniques to calm your mind

Cutting-Edge Therapies

  • Supplemental Botanical Medicine to reduce pain and inflammation while regulating your cycle, enhancing proper blood circulation
  • Phototherapy patches (30) to reduce unwanted symptoms during the premenstrual phase
  • Auricular acupressure protocol and Earseeds to regulate appetite and cravings and improve digestion

Accountability and Support

  • Ongoing Email/Text support to help you stay accountable and get results, and access to a private Facebook group

Accountability will:

1) accelerate your performance

2) help you measure your success and progress

3) keep you engaged, responsible and productive

We will help you stay on track and make changes that will help you achieve a peaceful period.

Isn’t it time you finally have peaceful periods?

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“I feel very safe and comfortable in her hands and have been so glad to have her in my arsenal of self-care tools.”

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