Kim Nguyen, L.Ac. treats the following conditions:


Irregular Periods

Heavy Periods

Painful Periods




Night Sweats/Hot Flashes


Mental/Emotional Issues

Virtual Initial Consultation

A personal health history interview to determine the correct treatment plan for the individual. Observation of appearance, physical assessment and review of systems included. Pictures of the face and tongue are requested as diagnostic tools. Questions, lab results and medical records can also be sent in advance after completing the online forms. Expectations are discussed and therapeutic benefits explained. Options for remote care include nutritional advice, herbal medicine, acupressure protocols/kits and more.


Auricular Therapy


Acupressure at the ears is useful for a multitude of conditions, since it is an image of the entire body. Earseeds can create homeostasis throughout your body by balancing the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system, making them a really excellent tool for stress and well-being. Stimulating the points with your hands 3-4 times a day can help circulation and blood flow, creating new neural pathways for your brain and relieving pain or discomfort. Each kit comes with placement protocols by condition and can be worn with a fabric, stainless steel or Swarovski crystals adorning the adhesive backing. For more information, visit Earseeds.


Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine is a supplement which can strengthen and improve one’s constitution. It is especially useful if the patient is unable to receive acupuncture treatments at the recommended frequency (i.e. physical distancing). The preservative-free supplements are available in pill and tablet form (and may be offered in granules). The herbs we sell are distributed by Evergreen Herbs and Mayway Corporation, which follow quality control standards and guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO). This ensures that the products are safe and potent as they are rigorously tested for bacteria, pesticides and heavy metals. Chinese herbal medicine is prescribed and given following a consultation. Additional charges may vary, but shipping is included for orders of at least two bottles while stay at home orders are in place.



acupuncture needles

Progress review and insertion of disposable sterile needles. Each session is at least 45 minutes in length. Typically, patients do not need to disrobe and points are chosen on the extremities. Breathing practices are implemented to increase effectiveness of acupuncture and maintain focus. This may result in deep relaxation.

Please keep in mind it is generally recommended for chronic issues (duration of >1 month) to receive acupuncture 2-3 times a week for the first 4-6 weeks. As your body responds to the treatment, gradually decreasing the frequency to once a week, twice a month, once a month etc. is necessary to stabilize the treatment and achieve lasting outcomes.


Book An Appointment

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Patient Instructions

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions.
An Acknowledgement/Consent Form and Screening Survey will be sent via email 24 hours before your appointment(s). *Please notify me if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive within 14 days of your last visit.*

Arrive a few minutes before your appointment to avoid traffic in the waiting area. Please use the link provided in the reminder text to check in for your appointment.

Everyone entering the building will have a touchless thermometer reading before coming into the treatment room. A temperature of under 100°F is required. You may want to check your temperature on the day of your appointment.

It is required that everyone wears a mask to their appointment, for the duration of the treatment. If you do not have one, I will provide one for you. If you do not want to wear a mask or have a condition that makes it difficult for you to wear one, please do not expect to be treated. If I need to see your tongue for diagnosis, I will ask you to remove the mask briefly. (If there is someone accompanying the patient s/he must also wear a mask while indoors)

Patients will be required to wash/sanitize their hands before the treatment, or use hand sanitizer.

All payment is contactless, and therefore a credit card in your account will be required to make your appointment online. The transaction will be processed during or after your treatment and you will receive a receipt via email. Otherwise, a check for $85 payable to Kim Nguyen, L.Ac. can be accepted pre-treatment.
All new patients will have a virtual consultation prior to receiving their first treatment. Established patients are recommended to schedule a virtual consultation if they need to address a new condition (i.e. acute pain or injury) or reevaluate and discuss her/his treatment plan.


★ Leave your personal belongings in your car and bring only necessary items.
★ You will have time to change if needed but I will not be providing any linens at this time. Please prepare to expose knees and elbows during the treatment if possible.
★ Stay hydrated before and after your treatment. I will have water available at your request.
★ Speak up-If you would like me to wear gloves during your treatment I am glad to do so. I will continue to wash my hands before and after each patient.

Cleaning Procedures

Air Purified rooms (with HEPA Filter and UV-C power)
Armchairs will have vinyl coverings and paper in order to be wiped down after every patient like the treatment tables.

After each treatment, pillow covers, furniture, heat lamps, door knobs, call buttons and light switches will be wiped down with 70% alcohol or a disinfectant spray.

Multiple times a day the common areas including desktops, keyboards, bathroom sink, faucets, etc. will be disinfected.

I will continue to wash my hands before and after every patient, while wearing a surgical mask/N95 and face shield in the office. I will be wearing gloves while cleaning/disinfecting.
I will stay home if I feel ill in any way, and ask that you do the same. All cancellation fees will be waived pertaining to COVID-19.

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