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“Dr Kim is amazing. She is very through and knowledgeable. After only 2 acupuncture sessions I noticed a dramatic improvement in my allergies and my menstrual/fertility issues. Although these are my primary concerns she always asks about any other issues I may have and adjusts my treatment to include them as well. She’s also very personable and professional. I highly recommend her.”-I.S. 2017

“Kim Nguyen far exceeded my expectations when she administered acupuncture treatments for my arthritis (fingers) and animal allergies. She is caring, knowledgeable, thoughtful and professional. I was particularly impressed by her ability to customize a treatment plan specific to my needs. Today I can flex my fingers more easily with reduction in pain. I was delighted to find that her treatment helped me dramatically reduce the symptoms of my cat allergies. I recommend Kim to anyone seeking care and relief for a broad range of maladies and symptoms.  Thank you, Kim!!”-S.G., January 2018

“I had a really bad allergy outbreak on my skin all over by body. I was swollen, red, and the skin had cracked and was itching and bleeding. It was horrible. My eyes were also swollen so I couldn’t see. I have been to many doctors, every time my skin has a bad allergy attack, [and they] only prescribed me medication to alleviate my symptoms. Doing that always weakened my immune system, making my next attack worse. Dr. Nguyen helped me alleviate my symptoms and helped me rebuild my immune system which allowed me to recover the fastest that has ever occurred. After each acupuncture appointment, my skin would look normal. My skin hasn’t looked normal for a long time. She gave me back hope when I thought I had lost everything. Her and her dad are incredible people and doctors. They gave me a chance to have a more normal life without rashy skin everyday. I already recommended some friends and family. Dr. Nguyen’s ability to find the pressure points for [rebalancing] your body is amazing. Thank you Dr. Nguyen.”-J.Y. October 2013

“I came to see Kim for relief of asthma symptoms. I have suffered from asthma for 30 years and had seen very little improvement over the years…The quality of my life significantly improved after several visits with Kim. I experienced increases in lung function, decreases in congestion, and an overall strength and immunity. In addition to seeing tremendous improvement with the asthma symptoms, I also received relief from allergies. I found myself surviving the allergy season without having to reach for OTC allergy medicines! Kim is a well trained professional and knows how to work her needles. Kim is a good listener and takes your health concerns seriously. She has a great attitude and believes that she can assist in improving your quality of life – no matter what ails you! I trust her completely.”-L.R.

“It works. Acupuncture works. I grew up with Western medicine– doctors, nurses, x-rays, shots, pills — skeptical of Eastern medicine (acupuncture) even though I had read and heard that it works. After 20 years taking Prednisone (steroid), I had to find a way to stop and let my own body naturally defend itself. I realized that acupuncture was my last chance. After several sessions of Kim Nguyen’s acupuncture, my body made a smooth transition. Am I happy! Her acupuncture at East West Medicine was professional and effective; it works.” -Frank Adamson, March 2013

Emotional and Mental Health

“After the fifth treatment that helped hugely with my anxiety, I left and realized I had not felt this good in years.” -D.B.

“I love how attentive and thoughtful Dr. Kim is. She has clarity in the way that she operates her practice and that gives the patient peace of mind and trust.
Her expertise has alleviated my depression and seriously started me on recovery I twisted my ankle while traumatizing the other leg, knee and hip.” -L.W. 2016

My improvements have been dramatic. When I first came to East West Medicine the symptoms of my anxiety prevented me from enjoying day-to-day life. I have regained my appetite and I am able to deal with my anxiety and go about life as normal. Dr. Nguyen is a great listener and incorporated my concerns into her treatment in ways that other doctors I have visited have not.”-A.D.

“It is my favorite thing to do each week! Having this time dedicated to myself helps me stay balanced and happy. Thank you for always being open, non-judgemental, caring and competent! It is apparent that you are an expert in your field. I keep telling all my friends!” -N.W.


“Dr. Nguyen gets the secret sixth Yelp star from me.

After my OB-GYN told me that it was unlikely I would be able to have kids naturally due to early adulthood cancer, I went to Dr. Nguyen to see if she could help. Trying to get pregnant is an extremely discouraging and demeaning process but Dr. Nguyen was able to help me get in tune with my body in a way that I never knew how. Even in my darkest moments she was always encouraging and insightful and her sunny outlook kept me going even when I was about to give up. In fact, I had pretty much completely given up when I finally got that positive sign that I had been hoping for.

My treatment did not end there, I worked with Dr. Nguyen during my first trimester to make sure my baby was healthy and strong and my body was running like a well-oiled machine. I’m not quite sure if I just got off lucky or if the acupuncture was just really effective because I’ve been feeling even BETTER than I did before I got pregnant. Except for a few charlie horses here and there I did not suffer from nausea or other typical ailments at all.
What I like about about Dr. Nguyen is her balanced approached to alternative medicine and she never seems to recommend treatments that I don’t need (although I almost kind of want them because it’s so relaxing and zen in there). I feel very safe and comfortable in her hands and have been so glad to have her in my arsenal of self care tools.

You can also book and cancel appointments online which is very convenient.
Thank you so much Dr. Nguyen from me and my entire family. I can happily say that this is the most life changing business I have found thanks to Yelp!”-K.S. 2016

“After about a month I became pregnant. A couple appointments helped with back pain too…after I became pregnant the appointments continued to help with morning sickness. My husband and I are excited and happy to be expecting our first child.”-K.U. October 2014

“Gentlemen, although it sounds funny to join your significant other and attend acupuncture sessions with Dr. Nguyen [for fertility], I highly recommend it.  My wife and I had been trying to have a child for a little over a year before we starting seeing Dr. Nguyen.  After three months of acupuncture we were pleasantly surprised with the news of my wife’s pregnancy.

Other enjoyable benefits of attending acupuncture sessions are that they can be very relaxing and it takes care of any nagging pains you may have.  And, most importantly, it will make your wife realize that you actually care.  Trust me, it’s worth it.”-R.R. October 2013

“Kim is a very patient and understanding individual, which makes her great at what she does. I would recommend everyone to her…I was able to conceive naturally, and I truly believe acupuncture helped. It also helped a lot with allergies, I found that I took less allergy medicine while having acupuncture treatments. My husband obtains treatment from Kim Nguyen and I just recently referred a co-worker, who will be seeking treatment from her soon. I hope to return to my treatments after my baby is born.”-P.H.

“Not only was I extremely satisfied with Kim’s approach, bedside manner, and skills, but I was also very happy and impressed with the results.  Kim really knows what she’s doing!  It’s very evident that she not only takes the time to get to know each patient, but that she stays informed as a professional of the latest research and incorporates that into her practice.

I am happy and excited to say that with the help and expertise of Kim and East West Medicine, I am now expecting my first baby this summer(!!).  I would highly recommend East West Medicine for anyone seeking help for any ailment or issue.  It doesn’t feel like cold, medical treatment; rather, it feels like you are treating your body and mind to a more natural and holistic approach that I think we all deserve the chance to experience.  I really can’t say enough…you’ll be in good hands with Kim!”-C.H., March 2013

“I love Kim and her services so much. I’m very excited for the Richmond area that they get to benefit from her expertise. I feel she was imperative in helping us conceive our two children. And any other complaint I went to her with, she addressed promptly and effectively!!”-M.C. June 2019


“Kim made me feel very comfortable. I had a dislike of needles and was quite surprised how quickly I adapted to acupuncture. I actually sleep for longer periods and am able to fall back to sleep much more quickly.”-R.L.


“I cannot say enough good things about her and how acupuncture has profoundly changed my migraines– in frequency, severity, and location…Kim is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and an excellent clinician. She is friendly, approachable, cares about patient outcomes and does her best to make a positive difference in your health…I highly, highly recommend her because of her abilities as a clinician and the improvement she has made to my health and well-being.” -C.L.

“I highly recommend Effective Wisdom! Kim Nguyen has a truly compassionate approach to care. With acupuncture, she cured my lifelong chronic migraines, lowered my BP, helped with hormonal imbalances, as well as other ailments that appeared during our treatment process. I am so grateful for Kim’s service, she helped me to get my vitality back, and she truly cared about my health and me as a person. She listens intently and delivers!”-T.S.

“I am so happy to have found Kim. I was dealing with very low energy levels, severe headaches, sleeplessness…..just a general feeling of being out of balance and unhealthy. I wasn’t sure if acupuncture could really help me but was at a point where I felt I needed to give it a chance. Wow! It is really hard to describe the difference in how I’m feeling after being treated by Kim. She is compassionate, so knowledgeable, and just a true professional. I am just over the moon delighted with how much she has helped me! If you’ve ever considered acupuncture for varying issues but just weren’t sure if it was for you, I highly encourage you to give it a try and if you do decide to give it a try, Kim is the one for you!”-D.L.

“Kim at effective wisdom has completely changed my life in the absolute BEST way! Before starting acupuncture I used to have up to 3-4 migraines every week, really affecting my daily life. I had tried countless anti-migraine medications that gave me terrible side effects and nothing seemed to work. I was definitely skeptical of acupuncture at first, but now I recommend her to absolutely everyone. I haven’t had a migraine in over 3 months now all thanks to Kim!! Her facilities are so relaxing and she creates a full holistic approach to treating your symptoms. She is so responsive to any questions I may have and has a very flexible schedule.”- D.W.


“Acupuncture had been recommended to me by a coworker for ongoing plantar fasciitis. I first saw Kim a few months ago…I was impressed before even meeting her, as the medical history forms were extremely detailed, and allowed me to explain my history and problems in detail. I went in for my initial consultation and Kim was informative and explained how acupuncture worked and set my mind at ease that I had chosen the right place to come.

After my first visit my foot felt better than it had in a long time, and I was doubly impressed by this because as much as I had hoped acupuncture would help me, I did not believe (understand) how it could immediately help. I initially had treatments twice a week, and am now down to once a week, and my pain levels in my foot are at the lowest they’ve been over a year.

I highly recommend Kim to everyone. She has just moved her office to a new location, and it is a beautiful and relaxing space.”-J.C. August 2019

“Joint pain diminished-no longer on pain meds! Excellent practice and results. I will come back if the need arises. I have respect and confidence in Dr. Kim and appreciate very much my treatment under care. Thank you so much for all your help!”-K.T. January 2016

“I had my first treatment with Kim on Friday and I must say, she is absolutely amazing and wonderful! On top of that, the benefits I received from my very first treatment with her are simply astounding!
I went to Kim because I was having a lot of pain up and down the entire right side of my body. During our consultation, Kim was extremely thorough and took time to explain to me things that I would have never known otherwise (like the fact that I should be eating cooked, not raw foods, for some of my current and digestive issues! Who knew???). She also explained to me how some of what I was experiencing was more than muscular pain, how and why acupuncture would help that and what I could do in my daily life to help improve this condition.

If you’re new to acupuncture and nervous about trying it, Kim is definitely the right person for you. This may sound a little funny, but somehow she is “gentle” when applying the needles – I felt such a small sensation when she placed them. Additionally, her bright and bubbly personality will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable asking any and all questions that you might have while gaining some incredibly insightful and helpful information.

The bottom line is that I simply cannot recommend Kim enough!!! Go now. Even if you don’t know why…”-A.S., 2018

“I was diagnosed with De Quervain syndrome in my wrist. I was in pain all day every day and it was increasingly more and more difficult to hold my new infant. I was looking for an alternative to taking 800 mg of ibuprofen a day. I am pain free now and it has helped my quality of life immensely. I can now carry my daughter or play with her without any worry of how much I may or may not further hurt my wrist.”-T.L.

“My experience here was amazing! I have already recommended this place to two of my friends with chronic pain.
Holistic medicine just isn’t my thing but I had to try something for my chronic back pain. I had tried massages in the past and although they did fine, the effects wouldn’t last long or I would leave more tense then when I arrived.

My initial visit was intense. Dr. Nguyen was very thorough with my medical history. She then talked me through the process and really made me feel comfortable there. What I found really interesting is that she doesn’t do the actual acupuncture on the problem areas because you can make it better… but you could also make it worse. Instead she does acupuncture at other pressure points on the body that will ‘send signals’ to the problem areas. I was skeptical and figured this would just be something else that didn’t work but I was very wrong.

My back is in chronic pain and she helped relieve that. I didn’t have to undress and just laid on my back in a quite room with tranquil music. Dr. Nguyen rolled up my pant legs and started finding pressure points that hurt then she would stick needles there. The last one she stuck in, I kid you not, my leg relaxed even more. It was such a weird feeling but I was hopeful at that point. I didn’t think it would have that kind of effect. She then had me pin point where I was feeling pain and showed her. This was to pin point where other needles would go. I had needles stuck in my hand, which sent a weird intense sensation, but still didn’t fully relieve the pain. She then stuck some needles in my head. Kind of freaked me out but it started to work. With each needle I felt a little less pressure in my back. Until finally she found this one point and once that needle went in, my back completely relaxed. I felt my back actually touch the bed! I had never felt that relaxed before in my life!! It was amazing. Because I was no longer in pain she turned on the heating lamp, turned off the lights, and left me to relax for 30 minutes. I’m not going to lie, I took a nap I was so relaxed. I even woke up before she came back in and felt refreshed.

My session was amazing! It felt weird being able to walk without my back in pain. Is this really what it feels like to walk? No pain? Wow! And today I woke up with absolutely no back pain for the first time in years! I can’t wait to go back for my follow up visits. She said we should aim for twice a week for two weeks and then once a week for six months. Basically reconditioning my body so that it understands that it can relax and not be tense all the time.
The only thing I don’t like is how booked Dr. Nguyen gets. Plan in advance! My next appointment is 10 days from now, but believe me, I’ve already started counting down.”- B.E.

“I am now a firm believer in the power of Acupuncture. Dr. Nguyen has treated two fractured wrists for me as well as some gastrointestinal issues. When my general practitioner told me it would be 6-8 weeks before I could put pressure on my wrist again, Dr. Nguyen spent over an hour talking to me about my medical history, eating habits, and taking my pulse. After three weeks of acupuncture, I was doing handstands again!”-S.G.

“Due to my quick relief [from Bell’s Palsy and pain] I feel very comfortable to refer my friends and other members of my family for acupuncture treatment. Dr. Kim is nice, kind, and humble at every time with smiling face. I got quick improvement and am full of enjoyment in my life now.”-Rana S. Ali

“The overall discussions and analysis of my issues/condition was incredibly thorough and I appreciated greatly the sincere concern expressed by Dr. Kim and the time she spent talking to me in holistic fashion. I’ve been able to manage my back pain to the point that I can function normally and go to the gym without pain/discomfort. I think my general day-to-day outlook has improved, too.”-J.M.

“Very Satisfied! This was my first experience with acupuncture and I wasn’t sure what to expect or if it would even help. Kim has done a fantastic job not only helping the pain go away but explaining the process as well. Kim has been great and not only would I come back but I would encourage others to come and give it a try as well. I have already suggested to several of my co-workers that have some aches and pains to come…[acupuncture has allowed] me to get back to my normal workout routines pain free.”-S.M. April 2013

“Kim has been a bright spot in my recovery. Although I still get allergy shots, she has been able to help relieve my sinus infection symptoms. She continues to work on what remains of my infection while helping me with chronic back pain due to significant arthritis and spinal degeneration.”-W.L.

“After just a few sessions, my pain in the right arm/back has dramatically improved and I’m starting to feel like my old self. The improvement in my pain has contributed in a positive way to my quality of life as I am able to enjoy activities I had to give up. I would feel very comfortable referring friends/family to Kim. In fact, I have referred a few people and I don’t know what’s taking them so long to make an appointment! Kim’s warm and compassionate spirit combined with her impressive technical knowledge and skill make her an ideal practitioner.”-N.P., March 2013

“Hi Dr. Nguyen,
I wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The pain that was in my left hip is gone! While I was there on Monday, the pain was greatly lessen but it completely disappeared overnight.

I was amazed! I’m so grateful that I found you!” J.C.-July 2017 

Pre/Post Surgery

Within a few minutes of meeting Kim, I had the same confidence and right feeling about her competency and experience with acupuncture that I had about the surgeon who was to do the cutting. Her strong training in and familiarity with western medicine as well as acupuncture made me feel comfortable and well supported during our conversations regarding the treatment she would provide…I am completely satisfied and delighted with Kim and her practice, her care of and interest in the “whole person” she treats. Clearly she finds great personal and professional gratification in providing help and relief with a powerful, ancient and beautiful medicine. That joy in her work and healing is passed on to the patient, and I’m grateful to be one of them!”-C.R. June 2013

“Improvements pre-surgery were dramatic in a quiet, profound way. Many people who knew me remarked that I was calm and without fear in spite of facing this delicate operation. I slept well and was able to be present and effective at my job, exercise, eat with health in mind, remain in good spirits and generally feel good about things until surgery and after. Without Kim’s treatments I am quite sure to have had ups and downs at numerous points during the 6 weeks due to headaches and other debilitating symptoms of hypothyroidism. I also believe the post-surgery pain would have agitated me more without her treatments before and after surgery.”


Everyone should try it–for any condition, age, problem, etc. It works!!!” -C.R.

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Nguyen. I have a phobia of needles and she helped me feel very comfortable in each session. She worked with me and I have benefited from her expertise in big ways! Thanks to her treatment I have been able to achieve my health goals. I will continue to go back for more sessions in the future.” -C.M

“She is methodical and informative. You will understand the treatment and see results. She’s great.”-C.W., May 2017

“Dear Kim,
It is with a thankful heart you entered my life when starting your excellent healing profession. I will be forever grateful for your loving and kind manner, always aware of the whole body, mind, and soul.”-M.H., October 2017

“Kim puts a lot of effort and care into making sure nothing is painful (and acupuncture is not painful at all, barely feel it) and with a mix of suggested herbs/acupuncture she helps to get things back to normal. I am now a firm believer in Acupuncture and recommend it to anyone from a small to big issue. Through a series of questions and routine checkups when you visit you definitely get the feeling she is there to help.” -J.M.

“Dr. Nguyen is an expert healer. She is an extremely knowledgeable and caring professional. Her work delivered results for me after just a few visits. I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen. My husband starts this week and I am confident he will benefit from her care as well. I can’t thank Dr. Nguyen enough for her expertise and caring ways. I agree, she gets the “secret sixth star” from me too!”-D.D.2017

“I started seeing a lot of different changes, things that I thought little about, and thought I had to take prescription medicine for. In three weeks I stopped sweating heavily after 20 years. I also stopped having pain in my bladder, and frequent urges to go to the bathroom. Two major problems that I thought I had to live with forever are gone…without side effects! I also started feeling a lot better emotionally, I stopped being angry or sad all the time. My symptoms are just a brief, tangible glance at how much Kim & her perceptive attitude have helped me so much. I have become physically a much better person, my appetite and cravings for sweets are under control, but I am most grateful for the peace of mind, the wholeness, I hadn’t felt in years. I feel good mentally and physically again. I definitely would recommend Kim to everyone. All of my friends, neighbors, and co-workers know how grateful I am to her and her work.”- F.D.

“It removed the pain [from the] side effects of chemo and I liked it a lot. Thanks”-I.D.

“Dr. Nguyen’s deft hands were hardly noticeable. I actually didn’t realize I had needles in my legs until she took them out.”-H.P.

“This was my first time trying acupuncture, and now I don’t believe how long it took me to try–I feel great and wish I’d called Ms. Nguyen earlier!”-T.R

“I have improved in each of the areas [I sought treatment for]. It seems two sessions per week were enough to start seeing a noticeable change. I just felt better overall. More calm, and less bouts of pain. I have already started referring people to the practice. Kim is an outstanding professional. She makes you understand how acupuncture can help and assist you in gaining the most out of each session. I plan to make acupuncture a regular part of my health management plan. This has been a wonderful experience with Kim.”-B.L. December 2016

“Acupuncture was instrumental in propelling me on my healing journey, and I will be forever be grateful to you for your efforts.”-T.K. October 2017

“Kim is excellent at her work and her demeanor is calm, yet energizing.
Highly recommend.”-K.M. June 2018

“Kim Nguyen has incredible skills and compassion. she hears you and finds solutions. “-R.C. June 2019

“Kim is patient, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable! I had the best experience going to see her for several months! I highly recommend her practice.”-C.R. June 2019

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