Prepare for Your Appointment

Patient Instructions


A minimum of 3 recliners and 3 tables (with heat lamps) are available for patients. For additional neck support, bolsters and cushions are available. Complimentary eye masks and ear plugs are available upon request. White storage bins will be provided at each station for your personal belongings and please don’t forget to silence/DND your phones.

Late Arrivals and Missed Appointments

If you are running late to your appointment, please do not fret! I am giving patients a 30 minute grace period so please only text if you cannot make it within that window of time. Unlike private acupuncture, which requires adhering to a structured schedule, we are in the practice of going with the flow here and giving you as much time as you desire for rest. When you are done “cooking,” signal this by turning over a mahjong tile to the solid color and I will remove your needles asap. It is generally recommended to retain the needles for at least 30 minutes, but it is completely up to you when you feel ready.

Please provide 24 hours notice to cancel appointments so a patient on the waitlist can be notified. The fee is waived the first time and then $50 for each missed appointment thereafter.

Public vs. Private Acupuncture

The late Grandmaster, Dr. Richard Teh-fu Tan would tell his students to stimulate the needles mid-session for maximum benefit and in the past I have asked patients to call me in for that reason if any pain returns. Connected Acupuncture will allow me to do so without interruption.

The private room will be reserved for new patients and complex issues (including pregnancy, fertility, cancer, autoimmune etc). If the door is open, you may choose to receive a treatment in the private room at no extra charge. We are unable to guarantee this space and thank you for your cooperation.

COVID Protocols

*Please notify me if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive within 5 days of your last visit.*

There are multiple air filters in the office, and hand sanitizer is available for patients. Masks are optional and are available upon request. The acupuncturist will be wearing a mask. Table paper and recliner linens will be changed after each patient. I will stay home if I feel ill in any way, and ask that you do the same. All cancellation fees will be waived pertaining to COVID-19. Thank you for your cooperation.


★ Leave your personal belongings in your car and bring only necessary items.
★ Use the restroom before getting comfortable.
★ Wear loose clothing allowing access to elbows and knees.
★ Take off shoes, socks and any wrist accessories.
★ Set phone to Do Not Disturb.
★ If short on time, inform acupuncturist.
★ Bring earbuds for guided meditations or sound healing.
★ Breathe deeply and surrender to the sensations.

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