Case Study: Neck and Arm Pain

A woman sitting up in bed with her hand on her neck

A 42-year-old female presented with left-sided neck pain for 3 months and came in on September 6, 2019 for treatment. There was limited range of motion, especially looking down, with a job that requires computer work. She had multiple knots in her back/shoulder and had tried massage before coming in for acupuncture. She had also been experiencing right forearm pain when grasping objects and rated the a severity 4/10. She noticed temporary improvement with stretching and essential oil cream.

She received acupuncture on the following dates:
9/6, 9/11, 9/16, 9/20, 9/26

Her right arm pain was relieved with one treatment. The pain in the neck changed in location, which indicates an effect from acupuncture and she was responding well to treatment. By the 5th treatment, she did not report pain in the neck or back. She continued to come in on a weekly basis to address other chronic issues.

None of the needles were placed in the area of pain. Distal Needling Balance Method Acupuncture was used as the therapy modality.

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