Case Study: Wrist Pain

A person working at their computer grasps their right wrist in their left hand

A 40 year old female had pain in the right wrist for 7 months, which radiated to the fingertips. Her pain level was reported at 4/10.  She plays tennis at least twice a week, is active and exercises 6 days a week. She also presented with pain in the jaw from clenching and had a headache during the first visit.

The patient reported less pain the day after the treatment and avoided aggravating it. Her headaches did not return since starting acupuncture. By the fifth treatment she reported that her wrist was not painful.

This patient received treatment twice a week for two weeks and then once a week after the pain was reduced. She is currently on a maintenance level treatment plan at once a month. She has used acupuncture to treat other pains throughout the year and wants to prevent further injury during her activities.

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