Case Study: Migraines

Woman holding her head in pain

A 23 year old woman suffered from migraines for 4 years, with stress, anxiety and fatigue. She is a student so it was very difficult for her to study and focus. She has had multiple concussions and has been evaluated by neurologists, prescribing medication with terrible side effects. Their next recommendation was injectables, which she did not want to pursue, so she sought acupuncture therapy. Before treatment, the frequency was 3 times a week at a 10/10 severity. After our initial consultation she started using phototherapy patches to increase her energy and the combination of this with acupuncture and an herbal formula to help her sleep was very effective. Having acupuncture twice a week for three weeks, she said her condition had improved 90%! She only had one migraine in the entire month of her treatment. She is able to study for her finals with more energy and exercise like she used to!

When young patients come into my practice with debilitating conditions, I try to educate them about lifestyle and how they can take care of their own health. Throughout her treatments, the pain moved and the severity was decreasing, and she was able to communicate this to me clearly for the best treatment. Within the last three months of her monthly acupuncture, she has not reported any migraines.

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